Manufacturer of Removable Insulations Covers 

Custom Insulation Solutions Ltd specializes in the manufacture of custom-designed removable insulation covers for a wide range of industrial applications. Covers are custom made to meet the client’s specific requirements.


Industries & Applications

Our removable insulation covers are used across a wide range of industries and applications including Semiconductor, Data Centers, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Energy & Petrochemical, Healthcare, Education and Local Authority.

The main advantage of removable insulation covers over traditional insulation & cladding systems is the ease of removal and reinstatement when valves and components require access for maintenance or repair. Traditional insulation/cladding systems invariably get damaged while being removed, requiring the client to employ the services of a specialist insulation contractor, at significant cost each time, to install new insulation and cladding.

Removable insulation covers are lightweight and designed for ease of removal & reinstatement, which can be done by the client’s own maintenance personnel. There is no special expertise required.

Removable insulation covers also provide easy access to inspect systems for damage, corrosion and leaks. 

Custom Design

Site measured by CIS rep and manufactured locally in Dublin

Can be made to fit various components such as valves, strainers, pumps, heat exchangers and vessels

Covers are custom manufactured to meet the Client's specific requirements

Fast lead times and local support

Wide range of materials available to suit various applications including high temperature,  harsh environments such as chemical areas and coastal locations

Technical Details

High quality materials selected for the specific application. 

Most standard materials are tested and certified to EN13501

Materials available which are tested & certified to Class 0 BS476 Part 6 (Fire Propagation) and Part 7 (Surface Spread of Flame)

Compliant with requirements of Irish Building Regulations (BCaR) Part B (Fire Safety) and Part D (Materials & Workmanship)

Savings & Benefits

Ease and speed of installation. No special tools or expertise required

Not easily damaged like sheet metal cladding systems

Reduced Heating & Cooling Costs

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Protection of Personnel from Contact With Hot Surfaces

Noise Protection & Freeze Protection

Provide easy access to inspect systems for damage and corrosion

Who Should Contact Us;

  • Main mechanical Contractors or subcontractors involved in the installation and of insulated piping systems & plant
  • Facilities companies or maintenance managers responsible for the sustaining maintenance of existing facilities
  • Clients or designers embarking on a new project, big or small, who would like more information on our products
  • Equipment / Plant Suppliers and Manufacturers who's equipment incorporates insulated piping systems or components
Contact us to arrange a call, site visit, survey or quotation, or simply to discuss your project and how Custom Insulation Solutions may be able to assist you with your insulation requirements