Leak Indicating Covers

When it’s critical that leaking valves, flanges and pipes are identified without delay, CIS Ltd have the perfect solution. We can supply thermal covers and jackets manufactured from specialist acid / alkali indicator silicone rubber fabrics. These fabrics will change colour when in contact with corrosives, allowing workers to easily spot leaks from a distance and take remedial action immediately.

Providing all the benefits of silicone rubber i.e. good temperature range and good weather, flame, water and ozone resistance, with the additional benefit acid & alkali indication.

The modified silicone coating will undergo a highly noticeable colour change upon contact with corrosives across a range of pH values.  

Green acid indicating cloth will change to bright yellow. Purple alkali indicating cloth will change to brown / white.

Designed for specific use as the outer layer on any kind of insulation cover, the fabric can be easily integrated into your current cover design.


*Samples will be issued prior to purchase to ensure the fabrics reaction in your specific application/acid environment. The rate of colour change is subject to acid / alkali strength and the quantity leak/spillage.

Leak indicating cover3png
Leak indicating cover1png