Thermal Cover for Large Pressure Vessel

A large thermal cover we manufactured in July 2021 for our client Hastie Insulation, who were installing insulation and cladding on a system which included a very large vessel, measuring a few meters in diameter.

The vessel was measured on site by our CIS rep. We manufactured the cover in sections at our facility in Ballymount Dublin. The cover was then delivered to the job site in Limerick and was installed By Hastie.

From design to delivery of finished product took just 2 weeks.

Installing insulation and traditional sheet metal cladding on a vessel of this size could easily take 2 operative a couple of days to fabricate and install. Our removable thermal cover was installed in less than 3 hours!

Quilting pins were used to secure the insulation material inside the larger cover sections and prevent the insulation from sagging inside the cover.

The sections of the cover are secured using Velcro fasteners. This makes the cover very easy to remove and reinstate if required. This can be done by the client’s own operatives and doesn’t require and special expertise.

In the photo of the top of the vessel you can see the accuracy of the cut-outs for the valve and lifting eyes. The cover sections fit together neatly using the Velcro fasteners, resulting in a very snug fit on the vessel.