Thermal Covers for Large Chilled Water Strainers & Valves

Very large thermal covers we manufactured in July 2021 for our clients IES Ltd and Jones Engineering, who were working on a chilled water system in a large-scale hi-tech facility.

We manufactured a large number thermal covers for valves, strainers and piping components on the system, which included pipework as large as 24” and 40” in diameter.

At this size it was not feasible to fabricate and install standard PVC cladding to fit over the valves and strainers.

The piping system components were measured on site by our CIS rep. We manufactured the covers at our facility in Ballymount Dublin and delivered them to the job site for our clients.

From design to delivery of circa xx 24” and 40” thermal covers took less than 2 weeks.

One of the photos shows a single operative installing a large strainer cover. Installation of this cover was complete in less than 20 minutes.

The design of the covers incorporated quilting pins to secure the insulation material inside the larger cover sections and prevent the insulation from sagging inside the cover. Due to the size of the cover, straps were used to secure the lower strainer section to the upper section. Velcro fasteners were used for a snug fit and ease of removal / reinstatement. Pull cords were used to secure the ends of the cover where they overlap the pipe and PVC jacketing.