Thermal Covers Vs Metal Boxes

When installing a traditional sheet metal cladding box on a small pump set as shown in these photographs, the insulation contractor’s operative typically must;

1.     Take the measurements for the box at the job area.

2.     Build the sheet metal box in the workshop.

3.     Bring the metal box back to the job area.

4.     Re-measure the pump for the cut-outs. Make the cut-outs in the metal box and install. This final step alone can take 30 minutes.

When installing a CIS thermal cover;

1.     Measure the pump and cutouts at the job area (performed by CIS)

2.     Manufacture the thermal cover and arrange delivery to site (performed by CIS)

3.     Install the thermal cover and secure using the Velcro fasteners and pull cords. This takes approximately 5 minutes for the contractor’s operative to complete!

CIS skilled operatives are experts at measuring and designing thermal covers. On the grey cover shown in the photo below you can see the accuracy of the cut-outs for the pump support struts, which allows the cover to sit snugly over the pump and supports. Cut-outs such as these are tricky and time consuming to do in metal boxes.

Both pumps in the photos below are from the ESB's new energy efficient head office building in Dublin city center. The mechanical installation was completed by our valued client Jones Engineering.